Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer break.

Some of the pictures that I took during my holiday in South Korea last month.Such a fun fun trip and I'm Loving Seoul to bits!Shopping is what I do best there besides eating.However I find a bit hard to communicate with them as they Koreans can't really understand english; so Matin do all the talking(Thanks b,u sounds a lil bit sexy when you speak in korean,hehe). Surely can't wait for my second trip this upcoming December,InsyaAllah :)


Anonymous said...

Hai ezira,

Im ur silent reader. Hehehehe...

Nak tau sangat macamane u pakai shawl?Can u make a tutorial....plissss?

Ezira Nazri said...

hai dear,thanks for reading my blog!hee

oh ala malaunye nak buat tutorial,hee

gimme ur email,i send dkt u je :p

Anonymous said...

Hi- lov reading your blog.

Can u share it me with me too ;)