Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Alhamdulillah,received a call from Celcom yesterday.Can't believe i'm selected to the grand finale,coz there's like 700 entries kot.hee Anyway wish me luck! :p

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

50 days left.

It's been a wonderful journey of knowing you and I just can't wait to be your soul-mate,hihi

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Preparation / Door Gifts.

Door Gifs

Hello readers :)
I'm going to share my engagement door gifts that I did last April and my upcoming door gifts for my wedding this December.

So for my Eday door gifts,i'm giving away muffins for everyone.
Baked those muffin 2 days before the Eday.Since muffin bole tahan dalam 6 hari so buat awal sikit.Cause im not only give muffins as the doorgifts,red velvet cupcakes as well.So have to prepared those muffins earlier.

There are 4 different muffins that i did. Chocolate muffins,banana muffins,blueberry muffins and vanilla muffins.I baked 100+ muffins in 3hours time,phew.I still can remember the tiredness i've been through that night.Mama helped me a lot.

Easy to bake and of course taste yummy! (okay,angkat bakul sendiri sekejap :p)

I did some D.I.Y to those muffins lid.As you can see I wrapped and glued those lid with ribbons.I bought that muffins lid at Puchong,Baked with Yen.

I baked 100+ cups of red velvet too,tak sempat nak snap the pic of the cuppies,too busy I guess.

                                          As for my wedding,I'm giving away eggs,hihi maybe telur masin.

Mama already siapkan the ribbons and that tiny tiny flowers.She is super rajin like that :D

We bought 3 different of bekas.You can buy it at SSF cos I bought all those at SSF puchong.

So there you go,my itsy bitsy of wedding preparation. Next post,my wedding card :)