Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pregnancy Survey.

Since i got nothing to do...
I just answered this pregnancy survey question,hehe Just for fun.

1. Was your pregnancy planned ?  
   Yes,it was planned.

2. What was your reaction ? 
   Surprised :)

3. Who did you tell first ?
    My sisters,kakyong & pp and Matin next.

4. Are you having a boy/girl ? 

5. Did you have morning sickness? 
   Nope,but I did throw up once because of overeating.During Raya Haji.

6.Did you have any cravings ? 
  Yes,ice cream! I want it everyday.

7. Did you have any mood swings ? 
   Sometimes,when Matin balik lambat.hehe sorry b.

8. How many kilos did you gain during the pregnancy? 
   Okayyy,I already gained 15 kilos ! 

9. What pregnancy discomfort have you experienced?
   Heartburn and swollen feet,very uncomfortable :( 

10. When is your EDD? 
    24th of December

11. Who do you think it will look like? 
    Err,combination of me and matin?hehe

12. Have you bought anything for the baby yet?  
    Yes,he pretty much has everything he needs.

13. Have you picked out names ? 
    We have a few,but still in deciding process.

14. Do you have stretch marks ? 

15. Belly button in or out ? 
    Out a bit

36 weeks.

Alhamdulillah today im 36 week pregnant,
so it should be the first week of my ninth month of pregnancy (gulp)
Exactly 30 days to go!

Anyway, I guess semua barang baby dah ada and beli.
But still ada je benda yg akan beli bila keluar.Err normal la kan.hehe

So,last friday Matin took a leave so we decided to go to Maternity and Baby Expo at Mid Valley.
Best jugak all the booth kat sana,but we only bought Suavinex bottle & pacifier plus Embun's foods since she can eat already,yeay!

The purchases.
I discovered my new addiction : buying sleepsuits at MC,hehe

Bought dis at the Expo for Lil Jamee!

Thought of having lunch at Dubu-dubu Seoul Food but sadly the restaurant closed for some renovation.
Too bad.(Matin mengidam makanan korea)
So we just had lunch at Sushi King instead.

The very next day we had a Naan cheese at Nilai 3.Yummy!

My kenyang face! :p

yeay Jamee loves it!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Teppanyaki Day.

Homemade teppanyaki by mama & papa.
The Bomb!

Let's get it started!

The great Duo Chef : Pa & Ma 

So finally we use this antics bowl papa bought from Turkey. 

one word : Delicious!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

35 weeks.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and so far everything doing just good.
But the turn-down part is I can't fit in any of my sandals and shoes,Booo
Swollen feet and ankles...and face..and hand..kinda ugleh :(

Anyway yesterday I had a brunch with Erin, and we both ter-shopped sebab tak plan nak shopping ape-ape pun,but yes we did :p
Much fun!

Pp said her 'Pintu suka hati' jem,so she can't join us.
Too bad..

Some stuff that I bought. I can't resist the sale that's going on at Mothercare.Tempting.

I miss this naughty girl soo bad.
See you in two weeks time Lili !
Bawak us satu family jalan-jalan JB ok?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday Brunch.

Had a fun time with Pp and Erin yesterday.
Went to Empire for breakfast,then had a little shopping spree at Pyramid and lastly to Sbg Parade for lunch.
Great time with great people.
Love them to bits!

Random stuff that I bought.

That cute 'miley cyrus inspired swimming suit' is for my lil niece Embun.hehe Too cute I just have to buy.

Okay,off to do some ironing,later!

Monday, October 28, 2013


Lazy day today,
lepaking at nana's room.
I just found out that she's addicted to something...
...something sweet.

 FOX'S !

Gah..boring post.

Ohh,can't wait to meet PP and Erin tomorrow.
Gonna have breakfast,lunch and hi'-tea with them at Empire & Pyramid.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Went to SACC Shah Alam dis afternoon,because ada Mom & Baby Expo.Sampai sana around 12-ish,cause dis morning  ada check up at Umra Hospital,my 32 weeks check up.So alang-alang dekat Shah Alam singgah SACC sekejap.
Pergi hari last day,so bole imagine kan ramai die macam mana.So crowded! Jalan memang nampak kepala orang je,seriously!
Managed to bought some few stuff since mostly semua barang baby dah ada.

Bought few rompers,bath sponge,hand rattle,mittens and bag warmer.

Best pergi Mom & Baby Expo cause mostly semua stuff are pretty cheap.
Part yang tak best kena sesak-sesak dengan orang ramai.
But what to do kan,dah kata Expo.hehe

Then,we went back to Seremban,singgah Seremban 2 for lunch and bought baby converse shoe for my little one's.

Too cute I just have to buy.

I guess all his stuff dah ada,his hospital bag pun dah siap pack,mine je belum pack.Asyik pending je.