Friday, September 9, 2011

Sewing for fun.

This morning I decided to make my own cushion as I've always wanted to have one.Since I don't know how to use mama's sewing machine,I sewn by hand and it took me an hour and a half to complete (not bad la kan? :p)

The result? Turns out to be o.k but a lil bit comot,hehe ok,comot banyak actually.

The materials & fabrics that I used


Yup,I'm making an owl cushion :p


Tadaa,my kurus burung hantu yang mata senget sebelah,hehe

Cute lil babushka doll which I jahit also.

Cant wait to see Pp's art work.She's making cute animals doll for Lili,aww you're so lucky Lili! :)


MsPartOfYourLyfe said...

oh man....ezira... that is so cute...
watta coincidence....i also sew my own bag...but actually i gave the bag to my maid coz d bag is quite small.... u inspires mee.!! tq xoxo

Ezira Nazri said...

hello dear.sorry for the late reply.kinda busy lately,hee u love sewing too?niceee!