Saturday, November 19, 2011


Why is it soooo difficult for me to save money? Why,why why..But seriously, I need to do some saving for my Korea trip next month.So many things and stuff I want to buy there,including this cosmetics!

                                            Too Cool For School Cosmetics                                             
I love this Korean makeup brand.Plus their stores are very cute. You will feel like stepping into a cool art and crafts supply store.I kid you not. All their packaging are supercute and oh the great thing about this shop is that they will  always give you free samples,lots of them! Anyway,I bought their blended BB cream, blusher, eye liner + eye shadow, lipsticks , make up bags and also lip tint.Love all of it.

Here is their website : TooCoolForSchool

p/s : Do let me know if you're interested to buy any of their stuff :)


Az said...

how to buy it??

Ezira Nazri said...

u can emeil me here Az :) (

MsPartOfYourLyfe said...