Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Souvenir from India,thanks ma & pa, I love love love the pashmina!

Souvenir from Seoul.Thanks Matin.I love the purse and the orange drink! Beli lagi b,sedap!

Very cute cupcake wrappers & toppers from Typo.

Limited edition Kitchen Aid mixer.So sexy looking! Spotted at Kitchen Shop,Empire.

(pictures via Instagram) 


Ria said...

wow..cntiknya cupcake wrappers tu..i loike..typo tu ktne??ya, kalu u nk bli kitchen aid let me noe..kwn blogger i ade jual xsmpai 2k pn..hihi..kaler die mmg sexy..

Ezira Nazri said...

typo dkt pavilion,brg kt kdai tu semua best2 ria,hihi
oh ur fren jual kitchen aid?wow.ade blog utk i tgk?