Saturday, April 14, 2012

e-day ♥

So yeap,i'm engaged already ;
engaged to my long-distance boyfriend,which is now my long-distance fiance.hehe

Quick shoutout :
 I would like to thank to my parents,my sisters,my aunties and uncles.You guys helped me a lot.I really can't ask for more.
Thanks to Matin's family also,they came all the way from Kluang,Johor.Terima kasih!
Thanks to Puteri also! She did my make-up on that day.Me like it!
and for those who came,thank you!
Love you guys.

pic from Matin's brother,thank you Abg fairuz!


Suzie said...

sweet je yaya ur e-day...tkpe pun long distance yg penting love bonding both of u is strong :)

Ezira Nazri said...

thank you kak suzie :)

yup,dat's so true!hee