Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here & there.

Hola everyone! As usual,this is gonna be another boring post,blergh, Just wanna share some pictures of me and matin feel good moment at Korea last month. So this is my 3rd trip visiting the country. 10 days full of fun i can say! It feels sooooo good to finally meet Matin after 5months apart :)
Oh erm I just don't know where to start.Hm okay,why not let the pictures speak for itself.hoho lazy me!

Random pictures of us,u snap,i snap.hehe

Oh,this place sangat best! Too bad i havent got the chance to shop there :( We were kinda busy rushing for the pre-wedding shoot.For those who were planning to go there,do brings lots of ka-ching to that place!
There so many cute stuffs I tell you :)

(Bangsan Market)
Okayyyyy this is my FAVOURITE place of all.Bangsan market baking street! You know why la kan,hihi Sangat banyak barang buat cake,from the baking ingredients,boxes,ribbons,and stuff.Wohh meroyan sekejap,Matin layankan je :p Been googling about this place and ask matin to drag me there.Sesat skit but Alhamdulillah sampai jugak.Bought some stuff there,will show it to to the next post.hihi
A must place to go for people like me :)

Me and the photographer-of-the-day,Ayie and Marwan.Sangat panas that day.Berpeluh kemain.hihi Love all the pictures that they took!Much thanks to both :)

The happy things!Shopping is a MUST activity there.

(Fun-fair at Incheon)
Semua rides kat sana scary maryyyyyyy.Tengok je dah berderau jantung.Fuhh.But anyhow,i dapat teddy bear clip from this nice uncle.Okay sebenarnye main game 'lompat katak'(reka nama game),and guess what takde satu pun katak yang berjaya landing atas daun tu.malu gile.hehe kalah pun still dapat teddy bear tu,yeay!

Sooooo that's all for this post.I still got some pictures and stories to share.Next post okay!


Ria said...

mmg awesome ur trip..ya, cpt upload baking stuff yg u bli..cantik2 ny box cake tu..i yg x p pn gile..hehe..

haryati mahmod said...

hi ezira..nice pics terutama Bangsan Market! rasa nak pegi Korea je~~~

Ezira Nazri said...

ria : hehe,yes ria,bangsan market yg paling best,okay ya upload nnt tp ya xhopping byk pun kat situ,hee

haryati: hi u,thanks! yup,bangsan market mmg sgt best,if u g sane jgn lupe singgah!hihi