Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Preparation / Door Gifts.

Door Gifs

Hello readers :)
I'm going to share my engagement door gifts that I did last April and my upcoming door gifts for my wedding this December.

So for my Eday door gifts,i'm giving away muffins for everyone.
Baked those muffin 2 days before the Eday.Since muffin bole tahan dalam 6 hari so buat awal sikit.Cause im not only give muffins as the doorgifts,red velvet cupcakes as well.So have to prepared those muffins earlier.

There are 4 different muffins that i did. Chocolate muffins,banana muffins,blueberry muffins and vanilla muffins.I baked 100+ muffins in 3hours time,phew.I still can remember the tiredness i've been through that night.Mama helped me a lot.

Easy to bake and of course taste yummy! (okay,angkat bakul sendiri sekejap :p)

I did some D.I.Y to those muffins lid.As you can see I wrapped and glued those lid with ribbons.I bought that muffins lid at Puchong,Baked with Yen.

I baked 100+ cups of red velvet too,tak sempat nak snap the pic of the cuppies,too busy I guess.

                                          As for my wedding,I'm giving away eggs,hihi maybe telur masin.

Mama already siapkan the ribbons and that tiny tiny flowers.She is super rajin like that :D

We bought 3 different of bekas.You can buy it at SSF cos I bought all those at SSF puchong.

So there you go,my itsy bitsy of wedding preparation. Next post,my wedding card :)


Ria said...

xlame da ya 50 days tu..mesti bz kn??wrna tema hijau ke??mesti sweet kn??sedap ny nmpak muffin tu..brg2 ade tp malas ya amat nk 2nd bby ni byk mood malas..hehe..

Ezira Nazri said...

oh my ria! u nak ada 2nd baby dah,congrats! yeay amani ade geng la nnt.hee yup ria,busy jgk,tp alhamdullilah semua ok,yes tema green,ria kasi add kat ya k,nak post card :)