Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wedding card.

Hello all,Hello November!
Oh my,it's November,one month to go till my big day,excited and nervous at the same time!hee

Anyway,here is the sneak peak of my wedding card.So i just done sticking the card with green & off white ribbons.It took me 4 days to complete all the 700cards,did it all by myself,yup no kidding :)

For matin's side,he preferred to design the card by his own.He asked me to draw a cartoon version of me and him,then he traced it and design it all,I just love the outcome,so cute!


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Ria said...

gile la ya u buat sendiri..mmg kreatif..ur fiancee pn kreatif..cute je cartoon tu..ur side berape hb??early of dec ke??i bagi kt cni jela my address ye..hopefully i bole attend coz my due date on dec..
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