Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's in my bag, year 2013.

Im back! Been superbusy lately with wedding,honeymoon and stuff,yes I'm happily married now.Big thanks for those who came to my wedding reception *hugs* Will talk about my wedding and honeymoon after this post! ( but bila tu tak tau lagi,hihi)

Oh, mostly semua barang sama,in year 2011 and  2012 , hehe. 

1. Ipad. (i think i need an Ipad mini,so cute and handy!matin,can i?hihi)
2. Purse ( still using the same purse )
3. Car + house keys
4. Phone & Ipod. ( Finally i changed my phone,thanks to Celcom!)
5. Coin purse.
6. Sunnies.
7. Handkerchief. ( pp bought those cute handkerchief for me,me love it!)
8. Body mist.
9. Make-up bag. (cosmetics and stuff)
10. Camera.

Hope it's not too late to wish all of you 'Happy New Year!'


Lilyana said...

sy hrp yaya ley post about ur wedding a.s.a.p..nk tgk pics wedding kmu..msti gorgeous kan..heee

Anonymous said...

yaya guna camera olympus jenis apa eh? sebab gambar semua lawa!

Anonymous said...

salam..yaya, like ur handbag...where can i get from? like your blog....

Anonymous said...

salam yaya...where can i get the handbag..i like those things...

like ur blog

Ezira Nazri said...

yaya gune olympus epl 1

Kate Spade handbag,summer 2012 collection,dekat Kate Spade The Gardens ada :)