Sunday, November 24, 2013

36 weeks.

Alhamdulillah today im 36 week pregnant,
so it should be the first week of my ninth month of pregnancy (gulp)
Exactly 30 days to go!

Anyway, I guess semua barang baby dah ada and beli.
But still ada je benda yg akan beli bila keluar.Err normal la kan.hehe

So,last friday Matin took a leave so we decided to go to Maternity and Baby Expo at Mid Valley.
Best jugak all the booth kat sana,but we only bought Suavinex bottle & pacifier plus Embun's foods since she can eat already,yeay!

The purchases.
I discovered my new addiction : buying sleepsuits at MC,hehe

Bought dis at the Expo for Lil Jamee!

Thought of having lunch at Dubu-dubu Seoul Food but sadly the restaurant closed for some renovation.
Too bad.(Matin mengidam makanan korea)
So we just had lunch at Sushi King instead.

The very next day we had a Naan cheese at Nilai 3.Yummy!

My kenyang face! :p

yeay Jamee loves it!

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