Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pregnancy Survey.

Since i got nothing to do...
I just answered this pregnancy survey question,hehe Just for fun.

1. Was your pregnancy planned ?  
   Yes,it was planned.

2. What was your reaction ? 
   Surprised :)

3. Who did you tell first ?
    My sisters,kakyong & pp and Matin next.

4. Are you having a boy/girl ? 

5. Did you have morning sickness? 
   Nope,but I did throw up once because of overeating.During Raya Haji.

6.Did you have any cravings ? 
  Yes,ice cream! I want it everyday.

7. Did you have any mood swings ? 
   Sometimes,when Matin balik lambat.hehe sorry b.

8. How many kilos did you gain during the pregnancy? 
   Okayyy,I already gained 15 kilos ! 

9. What pregnancy discomfort have you experienced?
   Heartburn and swollen feet,very uncomfortable :( 

10. When is your EDD? 
    24th of December

11. Who do you think it will look like? 
    Err,combination of me and matin?hehe

12. Have you bought anything for the baby yet?  
    Yes,he pretty much has everything he needs.

13. Have you picked out names ? 
    We have a few,but still in deciding process.

14. Do you have stretch marks ? 

15. Belly button in or out ? 
    Out a bit


Lilyana said...

Haha..boring ek ya..I msa pregnant hana gained 12kg..hihi..hello december baby..bleh gang gn aunty..hana hri tu kluar 1 week earlier..da xlma tu p..smga dpmdhkn smuany ya mummy ;)

Ezira Nazri said...

itulah yana,kakyong pun 2weeks earlier,huu nervous,anyway thank you :)