Sunday, August 7, 2011

Everything in between.

So Yeay,now I have the time to update my blog.Exam is over,six weeks holiday and boyfriend is here,wow what more can I ask for? :D But still,the past few days have continously been busy for me.I kena jage orang pantang.Penat memang penat(not complaining,just saying,hehe).Plus,my kakyong is getting married after raya;so there's many things to be done(still I'm not complaining okay :p). Anyhoo,I'm loving all her pre-wedding photos taken by Joe Zakaria.Kakyong and Apek are both looking good :)

Remember this movie?

Yup,Masam Masam Manis starring late P.Ramlee and Sharifah Hanim.Kakyong and Apek all-time favorite movie,which they decided to pay a tribute by playing the role of Cikgu Saari and Norkiah for their pre-wed photos.Me like it!Here's one of the pics :D


more pictures,click here Joe Zakaria :)

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