Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lesson to be learned.

"Be a good listener.Your ears will never get you in trouble"

-Frank Tyger-

Do you listen to your partner as much as you should?If you ask me,my answer will be no.Yeah,pity Matin.I'm not a good listener but I'm working on it.InsyaAllah.Practically there's two things that I did when Matin is in the middle of talking to me ; I akan Berangan ke laut or Menyampuk tak tentu pasal. Both annoying bagi die.hehe Cause mostly I will paying attention to the thoughts in my own head rather than paying attention on what he is saying.And in the end,I kena marah.Memang patut kena marah pun kan..But anyway my point is try to listen completely and attentively to somebody cause when we do it so,we will be able to hear more than words.

I guess I'm going to improve myself on that :)

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