Friday, March 16, 2012

Can I?

Yeay,at last I have the time to update my dusty blog!Both my sister pp and kakyong sangat rajin update blog,unlike me,sangat malas tapi nak ade blog.hihi.You see,I'm sooo busy busy busy lately.Cake,chocs,class and stuff.Gahh.Boringggg :( 

Oh anyhow,let me share my wishlist stuff for this month!Thanks to pp for introducing me this polyvore thingy.
(i am so lame baru tau,boo me)

1.Cake Recipe book
2.Kitchenaid hand mixer.(insyaallah dapat one day,amin)
3.Blackboard.(need one)
4.Measuring cups.
5. New cute cute pyjamas.
6. Ugly Doll lunch box!
7. Ox i want you!
8. Very very elegant cake stand.
9. Sprinkles.I want all!
10. KateSpade bags.

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