Monday, March 19, 2012


Met my gfs last yesterday at Citta Mall,right after my baking class.Gee I really miss them!It's hard for us to meet up often since we are all busy with our work-life and stuff.But I'm glad i can spend the night with u girls.We had our dinner at Chawan and indulged ourself with sweet-treats ice cream from Stickyhouse.Yums!
 ruzey,eyka and anya!


Anonymous said...

hey there, would you mind doing a tutorial on how you style your shawl? I really love it because it looks really simple and effortless:)

Ezira Nazri said...

hye there.oh my,u want me to do a tutorial.hehe *malu* why not u just gime me ur email add?i share with u via email :)

Nurul Nadira Mahadi said...

me want too... please2 ezira. the hijab really suits your pretty face. org dah cantik pakai ape pon cantik kan :)

Anonymous said...

sy pun nak sys punye tutorial? :)
i'm waiting! hihi

Anonymous said...

i pun nak tutorial you tau sys :)
i love your style. simple <3

Rin said...

Can share the tutorial with me also tak? Hihi
This is my email,