Thursday, September 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello! Oh my,it's been ages tak update blog.fuhh *berhabuk*
I  do miss blogging! ;')
Busy? Nah,tak busy mane pun,it just I dont have the 'right' time to blog and the best word to say 'lazy?',hehe
But i do busy sometimes bila dah kahwin ni, busy in the kitchen :p

so, this is what I did recently..

my working station,spend of my time here.

Baked this cake for embun,my second niece.kakyong's cute lil daughter!

Door gifts for Embun's Aqiqah,hundred bottles of dark almond cookies.I'm glad all of the guests loves it.

for Mama's marhaban friends,I did this chocolate almond cluster,yums!

...and last but not least,cuppies for Embun's Aqiqah :D


Anonymous said...

hi ezira, may i know where did you buy the door gift jar? wanna use for my special event. thank you

Ezira Nazri said...

hi,bought it at House of Ingredients,Sri Damansara,ade byk sizes :)